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Garlic Plate - ACHO BRA - Black Panta

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No longer available

Discover now the model "Black Panta" of our practical GARLiC PLATE ("ACHO BRA"). It is a practical garlic grater made entirely of ceramic. The colorway "Black Panta" impresses with its deep black color and is the gadget that is missing in your kitchen. By being manufactured in a family-owned workshop in Spain, you will receive a handmade product that is produced based on the highest quality and sustainability. Additionally, besides the "Black Panta" colorway, all other models are hand-painted and glazed. By purchasing a garlic grater from the Hookain online shop, you also make an important contribution to environmental protection! Get your own handcrafted GARLiC PLATE from our assortment now and order it conveniently and affordably directly to your home.

How do I use the GARLiC PLATE - ACHO BRA "Black Panta"?

Using the GARLiC PLATE "Black Panta" is very simple. Take a garlic clove and remove the skin. Then, take the naked clove and rub it with gentle pressure on the porous side of the ACHO BRA. Rubbing activates all the essential oils, and the garlic unleashes its full power. If you take garlic seriously, you rub!

Absolute Must-Have for Every Kitchen

This innovation should not be missing in any kitchen, as it is not only practical but also extremely stylish. And the best part is that our product is manufactured in Spain, resulting in a minimal CO2 footprint. By purchasing our garlic grater, you make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Fairly Made in Spain

But that's not all - our garlic grater is produced in a small family-owned workshop where we value quality, sustainability, and fair working conditions. This means that by purchasing our product, you not only receive a practical kitchen tool but also support ethically and morally produced goods.

How is such a garlic plate made?

You may be wondering how our garlic grater is made. Well, our process starts with selecting the finest raw materials. The clay is shaped by hand and then fired at high temperatures to ensure its durability and resistance. Afterwards, the ceramic is hand-glazed and painted to give it a unique appearance.

The Best in a Nutshell

In short, our garlic grater is a practical, environmentally friendly, and stylish addition to your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? See for yourself and buy our ceramic garlic grater now!

Brüstuck Steingut

Brustuck stoneware and ceramics is made of a unique blend of two different fireclay stones and is 100% microwavable

Handmade ceramics from a traditional manufactory.

The high temperatures during the firing process make fireclay more stable than clay and less translucent than porcelain. The colors, shapes, appearance of the glaze, and overall appearance depend on the firing temperature, firing time, and position in the kiln and may vary.

Ethical sourcing of materials and fair wages.

As a result, each piece is unique and may have individual textures and shading. We use only mineral colors of the highest purity, bringing color, joy and flavor to your kitchen from now on. Here we use the original colors that are also used in the manufacture of LiT LiPS & Co.

Each piece is carefully finished by hand and delivered with a distinct handcrafted appearance. Excellent thermal properties meet a silky matte and reactive glaze.

Designed in Las Palmas & Berlin 2022.

Ethically made in a family-owned factory in Spain.

Visit manufacturer website
Color: Black, Brown
Diameter: 12,5 cm
Material: Ceramics, Stoneware
Origin: Spain

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