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Safety Inforamtion

If you use e-cigarettes, liquids, flavors, and accessories, there are some important safety instructions that you should follow to protect yourself and others. Ignoring these instructions could result in serious injuries or property damage for which we cannot be held responsible. Therefore, always follow these guidelines:

General Information

Electronic cigarettes can be used with a nicotine-containing liquid. Nicotine is a toxic substance that can be addictive and can enter the body in various ways. Nicotine can cause headaches, stomach pain, drowsiness, or nausea, affect heart rate and blood pressure, and increase the risk of high blood pressure or heart attack. If you want to quit smoking, please talk to a doctor or pharmacist. E-cigarettes are not nicotine cessation products.

Compared to tobacco cigarettes, the vapor from e-cigarettes does not contain carbon monoxide or tar. However, the consumption of e-cigarettes can be harmful to health and cause allergic reactions or irritations of the respiratory tract. Please use e-cigarettes and accessories at your own risk and refrain from using them if you experience adverse effects. Check if the e-cigarette is still intact after a possible fall or impact before using it again. Repairs should only be carried out by the manufacturer.

Hygiene is especially important when using e-cigarettes, especially the mouthpiece and vaporizer. Please clean the tank and replace the vaporizer head before changing the liquid or if you notice adverse effects. Avoid contact of liquid with skin, mouth, and eyes. Store e-cigarettes and accessories safely and out of reach of children, persons with reduced mental capacity, and animals.

Safety Instructions for Liquids


If you use a nicotine-containing liquid, the vapor also contains nicotine. Nicotine is a nerve poison that can be addictive. Please talk to a doctor if you still want to use an e-cigarette and nicotine-containing liquid. If you have a known intolerance, some liquids may not be suitable for you. If necessary, try alternative products such as pure VG liquids.


Flavors are flavor concentrates and should never be consumed pure, but only diluted. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and store flavors out of reach of children and animals. Some flavors may contain triacetin, which can damage a tank. When filling the vaporizer, press the liquid bottles carefully and evenly together to avoid the dropper coming out. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Safety Instructions for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries should never be in the hands of children and should only be used in devices designed for them. Empty batteries can also be swallowed by young children and cause serious health damage. Please keep all batteries out of reach of children.

Batteries should never be opened, as this can lead to an explosion or deflagration hazard. Only use approved chargers and power supplies to charge batteries, and ensure that charging is supervised. Avoid proximity to open flames, high heat, or flammable objects. Place or lay the battery on a non-flammable surface during the charging process and avoid overcharging. Use only chargers expressly intended for the battery to safely complete the charging process.

Avoid deep discharge and damage to the battery as well as contact with fire, heat, water, or other liquids. Do not touch threads or poles of the battery with metallic or conductive objects to avoid short circuits. If the battery is damaged or severely deformed, please dispose of it. Seek medical attention immediately in case of emergency.

Groups of people who should not use e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes should not be used by children and adolescents under 18 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with respiratory diseases or allergies to the components of liquids or flavors, people with diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, as well as people taking antidepressants or asthma medications. Non-smokers are advised not to use e-cigarettes.

Please follow these instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of others. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact our customer support.

Storage of e-cigarettes, liquids, and accessories

It is important to store your e-cigarette, liquids, and accessories safely and out of the reach of children, persons with limited mental abilities, and animals. Store nicotine-containing products in a way that is inaccessible to children and adolescents, and note that e-cigarettes are not nicotine withdrawal products. If you want to quit smoking, please contact a doctor or pharmacist.