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Wookah - Valve - Stainless Steel - Set


Delivery Time 1-3 working days

If you are a lover of shisha smoking and looking for a way to perfect your Wookah water pipe, we have just the thing for you! The WOOKAH Valve Set is an essential accessory that consists of a valve ball and a cap, allowing you to easily seal and clean your WOOKAH.

Why should you buy the WOOKAH Valve Set?

The WOOKAH Valve Set is an absolute must-have for any shisha enthusiast. It is not only incredibly easy to handle but also made from high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel type 1.4301 (V2A) ensures that this accessory is highly durable and has low susceptibility to corrosion. It also does not absorb odors, which means your shisha always tastes fresh.

How does the WOOKAH Valve Set fit into your Wookah shisha?

The WOOKAH Valve Set features a ground joint connection, which allows you to easily connect the valves to the adapters without the need for additional seals. This is especially convenient for WOOKAH smoke columns with ground joint connection adapters.

Easy Assembly

The ground joint connection ensures that you can quickly and easily attach the valve ball and cap to your WOOKAH. This saves you time and allows you to enjoy your shisha sessions without interruptions.

What are the exact dimensions of the WOOKAH Valve Set?

It is important to know the dimensions of the WOOKAH Valve Set to ensure that it fits perfectly with your shisha. The outer diameter of the valve ball is approximately 12 mm (+/- 1 mm). The size is optimal for ensuring efficient sealing and making shisha smoking a smooth experience.

Where can you order the WOOKAH Valve Set?

You can conveniently order the WOOKAH Valve Set from the Hookain Online Shop. It is the ideal place to purchase high-quality shisha accessories. So don't hesitate any longer, enhance your shisha experience, and order the WOOKAH Valve Set today!

Product Image Disclaimer

Please note that the displayed product image may differ in appearance from its actual look due to variations in customer's computer settings (color, proportions, etc.). But don't worry, the quality and functionality of the product remain unaffected.


"Why not make a hookah where quality, design, and finish come first?" - They inquired internally.They wanted to create a shisha that would stand out from the ompetition . Every detail, connection, seal and joint was equally important to them, as well as the nature of materials .Additionally, this was the beginning of the concept of using wood.Two words join together with WOOKAH: hookah and wood. Their hookah made of wood.

Their company's symbolic beginning dates back to the Frankfurt-based ShishaMesse trade show in 2015. At this exceptionally fair, they theyre allowed the "Product of the Year" grant. However, they have been in the business since they were students in 2005.

The Wookah Production

Poland is the location of the entire production process. Each of their shishas is distinctive due to the use of a variety of domestic and exotic woods. They use stainless steel, natural leather, lead-free crystal glass, glass, and ceramic in addition to wood. The secret material they use for the interior of their hookahs, lacquers, and glues are approved for use with potable water.They use only materials of the highest quality and carefully select the materials.Their waterpipes are mostly made by hand, but the more intricate ones are made with CNC machines.

You, their client, are their most important customer.They want to treat you like a person.Because they want you to be happy with their products and services, they value every one of your opinions.Additionally, their products can be used with the majority of accessories on the shisha market because they are designed to accommodate individual preferences.Additionally, they are compatible with a variety of other waterpipes.

They will do their best to surprise you every time, staying true to their concept and meeting their high quality expectations.

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Color: Grey, Silver, White
Hose Connector: Plug Connection
Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: Poland
Valve Ball Diameter: 12 mm

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