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Smoque - Kohlenanzünder (Gaskocher)


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The Smoque charcoal lighter in the Black Coco's Edition impresses with its high performance and the elegant, compact design in black. Be convinced by this beautiful gas stove, which you can buy cheaply in the Hookain online store, and enjoy delightful summer outdoor sessions! An eye-catcher, super practical size and ready for use at any time - Shisha smokers who want to be flexible on the go, sooner or later need a charcoal lighter. Embrace the freedom to enjoy a relaxing smoke anywhere, anytime by ordering the Smoque and Black Coco's charcoal lighter conveniently from the Hookain online store!

Buy the Smoque x Black Coco's Charcoal Lighter at a Bargain Price in the Hookain Online Store

Those who love relaxed shisha rounds outdoors know that a good charcoal lighter is indispensable. Because heating the shisha charcoal evenly and efficiently is essential for the true enjoyment of shisha tobacco. The "GAS BURNER BLACK" has been optimally adapted for outdoor use and comes with practical features, but can also be used indoors without any problems. This makes it the perfect all-rounder and a good choice for all hookah fans who want to be flexible.

What Benefits Does a Charcoal Lighter Offer?

Besides its great appearance, the GAS BURNER BLACK also brings a lot of power and offers many practical features:

Compact Design

The Gas Burner is not only a total eye-catcher due to its classy design, but also excels in terms of practicality! Due to its compact size, you can easily take it anywhere and enjoy your favorite tobacco even outdoors.

Integrated Windscreen

To ensure the gas stove doesn't fail even in stormy weather, it is equipped with a practical windscreen around the burning area. 

Why make it unnecessarily complicated?

To spare you annoying trips to the hardware store, you can simply use the Smoque Blackcoco's Edition gas burner with the standard 190g cartridges.

Optimal Heat Distribution

The thoughtful design of the charcoal lighter results in a top-notch heat distribution of the coals, which quickly makes them glow and ready to use.

Even Your Grandma Can Do It

Operating the shisha charcoal lighter is super easy! You just have to screw in the gas cartridge, which you can also find cheaply in our Hookain online store, with the help of the lid, open the supply, and then light it with a lighter to be able to use the Smoque Blackcoco's Edition gas burner.

Black Cocos

Black Cocos is a brand specializing in sustainable hookah charcoal and focuses on producing high-quality coconut shell charcoal with optimal burning properties. The low smoke production and odor neutrality of their products have quickly made Black Cocos popular in the hookah scene. The popular premium hookah charcoal is also available at a great price in the Hookain online shop. So quickly buy the popular natural charcoal to convince yourself of the perfect taste development that Black Coco quality charcoal provides for hookah smokers.

Why is coconut charcoal more environmentally friendly than wood charcoal?

Unlike most woods used for charcoal, coconut shells are a by-product or waste product of the coconut industry, such as the production of coconut milk. Instead of being thrown away and becoming avoidable waste, the remaining coconut shells are simply used to make coconut charcoal and thus recycled.

Especially sustainable

Black Cocos places great emphasis on the ecological footprint of the company. To reduce this footprint, Black Cocos ensures that their raw materials come from sustainable sources and are processed as environmentally friendly as possible. They use modern technologies to reduce their energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions during production while maximizing the quality and efficiency of their charcoal. Additionally, the company works closely with local producers to ensure the high quality standards of Black Cocos products are maintained.

Black Coco Premium Charcoal for the Best Sessions

Charcoal made from the shells of exotic fruits offers many advantages, especially over self-igniting charcoal, that you should be familiar with:

  • Avoiding Unnecessary Risks: By avoiding chemical additives or binders, additional unnecessary health risks during the session can be avoided.
  • Less Ash: One side effect that many natural charcoal users enjoy is the simplified cleaning of their water pipes. Because natural charcoal typically causes less ash than other alternatives.
  • Excellent Heat Development: Black Coco's coconut charcoal promises consistent and even heat distribution, leading to an overall improved smoking experience.
  • Full-Bodied Tobacco: Coconut shell natural charcoal causes less flavor distortion than other types of charcoal because it contains no chemical additives that can affect the taste.
  • Good for the Environment: The base material of Black Coco natural charcoal is coconut shells, which are a by-product of other industries. So, the production of coconut charcoal always involves a lot of recycling.
  • Burning Properties: The top selling point for many in the industry is the burning behavior of coconut charcoal or the long burning time of Black Coco hookah charcoal.

What is behind Black Cocos?

The European company is based in Germany and has become one of the leading manufacturers of hookah charcoal on the market over the years. The small glowing cubes are made from coconut shells, which are burned in specifically designed ovens under strictly controlled conditions. This ensures the consistent quality of the odorless coconut charcoal, which is free of additives and chemical binders and is described by many hookah smokers as the best charcoal on the market.

Reliability as a Foundation

Black Cocos' high-quality charcoal is particularly well-known for its reliability. When purchasing Black Coco coconut charcoal, you can be sure that every single cube in the package is fully functional and ready for your session, and that there are no "black sheep" included.

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Color: Black

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