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X-Schischa - Dye - Neon - Glow

ÔéČ 9.90*

Content: 0.05 kg (ÔéČ 198.00* / 1 kg)
Product number: ACC-FARBE-NEON-GLOW

Delivery Time 1-3 working days

Bring your shisha to life with Xschischa food colors

This Neon Glow Powder will glow under blacklight!

Tired of smoking your shisha with just plain water and want to give it an individual and sparkling look? Then the Xschischa food colors are just the right thing for you! Available in many different colors, they provide unique visual effects in your shisha bowl.

Xschischa food coloring - Shimmering metallic effect

The composition of the powder of Xschischa food coloring creates a fascinating metallic effect when smoked, which is caused by the swirl when smoking. The effect is enhanced when you remove the diffuser from the bowl to add more movement to the water for the optimal sparkling effect. To get the best effect, add a level teaspoon of the powder to the water in your shisha bowl.

Xschischa Sparkle Powder - The optical kick for your bowl

Xschischa's Sparkle powder creates a new swirling effect with every puff, inviting you to watch and dream. With a level tablespoon of the powder you give your Shisha Bowl the optical kick. After smoking, you should empty the bowl directly and clean it with water to prevent possible discoloration.

Xschischa colors - the perfect complement for your shisha pleasure

The Xschischa assortment includes colors in many different shades and is the perfect complement for your shisha enjoyment. We carry the full range of Xschischa products and deliver them quickly and conveniently to your door. Please note, however, that due to their high dye content, Xschischa products are only suitable for the application area "dyeing water".

Application tips of the manufacturer

For an optimal effect of the X-Sparkles, half a teaspoon is usually enough. If you add too much powder to the bowl, it may settle to the bottom. The Xschischa Neon Glow is a fluorescent color that develops its effect in black light (UV light, UV-A). We recommend that you mix the powder thoroughly with the water by swirling the bowl vigorously. For a long-lasting effect, you should smoke without a diffuser, as this reduces the resistance of the water and thus produces less vibration. If the sparkles settle to the bottom of the bowl, blow gently into it so that they dissolve freely in the water again. Our products are food safe and free of any contaminants, so they can be consumed or used in beverages without hesitation. After use, we recommend cleaning with a little dishwashing liquid or a cleaning brush. 

Xschischa food coloring is a great way to customize the look of your shisha. With different colors available, you can let your creativity run wild and design a bowl that suits you and your style. You don't have to worry about harmful substances, as Xschischa food coloring is free of any harmful substances and can be used without any worries.

If you want to spice up your hookah experience even more, you should definitely try the Xschischa Sparkle powder. With a metallic effect, it gives your bowl a visual kick and provides a magical sparkling effect while smoking. Application is quick and easy, and the powder is very economical. With only half a teaspoon you already have enough to achieve the effect.

What should I pay attention to when using X-Schicha colors?

If you want to use the Sparkle powder, you should make sure that you empty it directly after smoking and clean the bowl thoroughly to avoid discoloration. Also, it is recommended to remove the diffuser to fully develop the effect and bring more movement into the water.

Notes on the product

Finally, we would like to point out that the Xschischa products are intended exclusively for the "coloring water" application and should not be consumed. We offer the full range of Xschischa products in many different colors and deliver quickly and reliably. Look forward to giving your hookah a new shine and experience an unforgettable hookah experience with the Xschischa products.



Xschischa Powder: Add vibrant colors to your hookah experience

Tired of the plain appearance of your hookah and want to add some color to it? Then Xschischa Powder is just right for you. In the Hookain Online Shop, you can purchase this product at an affordable price and give your hookah bowl a completely new look.

Xschischa: A colorful variety for your water pipe

The German company Xschischa aims to bring more color to the world of hookahs. In the Hookain Online Shop, you'll find a wide range of various colors, whether with glitter effect or without, in blue, black, or other colors. The powder is highly concentrated, and with just a small teaspoon, you can enhance the appearance of your hookah.

High-quality food coloring for impressive color effects

The unique feature of Xschischa colors is that they are much more vibrant and intense compared to conventional food coloring. As a result, you only need a few milliliters or grams to transform your hookah into a colorful spectacle.

Three variants for individual customization

Xschischa offers three different versions of food coloring, either as liquid or powder. The liquid Candy Colors provide bold pastel shades, while the Xschischa Sparkles Powder gives your bowl water a breathtaking metallic effect reminiscent of shimmering water. The third and newest variant is the Neon Glow Colors, which glow in the dark and are perfect for parties or special occasions.

Easy application for stunning results

Applying the Xschischa colors is incredibly simple: just add a teaspoon or a few drops of the color to your bowl, depending on the desired intensity, and then fill it with water. Swirl the bowl slightly, and you'll have a beautiful, colorful water in your hookah. With the Sparkles, however, you should avoid using a diffuser to achieve the full effect.

Xschischa Powder and Liquid: The perfect combination

Another way to give your hookah a unique look is to mix Xschischa Powder and Liquid together. This opens up the entire color palette for you, allowing you to create your own personal favorite look. The Sparkle Powder also contains small glitter particles that add an extra wow effect to your hookah.

All-in-One Package for unlimited color variety

If you can't decide on just one color, Xschischa also offers an All-in-One Package that includes all Sparkles and a Liquid. This way, you can determine how you color the water and what your hookah will look like. The best part about this set is that you can save a significant amount of money. Comparable quantities usually cost at least $60. So why wait? Experiment with your hookah and enjoy the constantly changing looks!

  • Liquid Candy Colors for bold pastel shades
  • Xschischa Sparkles Powder for a breathtakingmetallic effect
  • Neon Glow Colors for glowing colors in the dark

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Color: Fluorescent, Green, Neon, Yellow

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May 25, 2023 15:58


Habe mir das X-Schischa F├Ąrbemittel in Gold Sparkle bestellt und bin wirklich begeistert, es braucht nicht viel und die ganze Bowl ist eingef├Ąrbt, die Dose h├Ąlt bei mir also auch ewig. Man muss die Bowl vielleicht einmal mehr aussp├╝len als sonst aber das ist es aufjedenfall ab und zu mal wert.

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