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AO - HMD - Sandblasted

Product number: AFSTZ-AO-HMD

Delivery Time 1-3 working days

AO HMD Sandblasted ? EINFACHER KOPFBAU - Smokebox auf den Kopf setzen und die Kohlen einfüllen. Der Kopfbau wird zum Kinderspiel. ? VERLÄNGERTE RAUCHDAUER - Durch die Verwendung des Aufsatzes haben die Kohlen einen länger Brenndauer und der Tabak schmeckt noch intensiver. ? KOHLEN FEST VERSTAUT - In dem AO HMD sind die Kohlen fest verstaut. Die Smokebox agiert gleichzeitig als Windschutz. ? HOCHWERTIGE VERARBEITUNG - Die AO Smokebox ist hochwertig verarbeitet und hat eine lange Lebensdauer. ? KEINE HEISSEN FINGER - Der lange Hebel am Deckel verhindert, dass man sich die Finger verbrennt. Der größte Vorteil der AO Smokebox ist die verlängerte Rauchdauer. Mit 2 bis 2,5 Kohlen kann eine Rauchdauer von bis zu 120 Minuten erzielt werden. Der Kopfbau ist unkompliziert und man spart sich vor allem das Hantieren mit der Alufolie. Bitte stellt die Smokebox nicht auf den Kohleanzünder/die Herdplatte um diese vorzuheizen, da das Alu bei hohen Temperaturen schmelzen kann. Passende Köpfe sind beispielsweise der LiTLiP, LESH LiP, LUV LiP. Hinweis: Das Kohledepot fasst anfangs 2 bis 2,5 Kohlen. Sind die Kohlen etwas heruntergeglüht, passen auch 3 in die Smokebox.

AO Hookah

AO Hookah is a manufacturer of accessories and spare parts for hookahs. The products are made of high quality and have a long life span.Are you looking for stylish, high quality accessories for your hookah? AO Hookah offers innovative hose sets and mouthpieces that will blow your mind. Want to try something new and exciting again? then AO is the place for you. The hookah mouthpieces cool packs are just what you need. Set up your shisha, light the coals and get ready for a refreshing treat!

Ice Ice Baby with the cool packs from AO Hookah

AO hookah offers high quality Ice Bazooka mouthpiece. Deise are not only available in many popular colors, but also have an integrated cooling battery or cool pack to cool the smoke. Always keep your smoking experience cool and fresh. Let the AO hookah help you survive the summer temperatures. The whole thing is super easy to use and self-explanatory. A bazooka consists of just two halves that can be screwed together and filled with an ice pack or cold pack. Simply place the AO hookah cold packs in the freezer and wait an hour - then immediately enjoy the cool freshness.

Ingenious accessories at AO Hookah

AO Hookah offers other hookah accessories. In addition to hose adapters, screens, and cleaning brushes, hose kits are also available in a variety of colors. These kits contain a high quality hose mouthpieces made of anodized aluminum and durable silicone hoses and of course the Ice Bazooka mouthpiece. In particular, we recommend AO hookah products because they offer good quality products at great prices. Get this smart cooling and enjoy the summer!

AO hookah: high quality mouthpiece and hose set

AO Hookah products impress with high functionality, minimalist design and high-quality workmanship. Among many well-known and popular manufacturers, both beginners and demanding hookah professionals will find hookah accessories they can enjoy for a long time and make every hookah night perfect. AO hookah mouthpieces and hoses use only the best materials that meet the highest quality standards, offer long life and easy cleaning with the right cleaning products. It guarantees perfect smoking pleasure. In addition, AO Hookah convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio and offers all products in different colors and materials. AO Hookah offers these mouthpieces. Whether the classic aluminum mouthpiece, the chic carbon fiber mouthpiece or the colorful hose set with glass mouthpiece and hose: there is something for everyone at AO Hookah. All nozzle and hose sets of the manufacturer are very attractive and visually enhance the water hose. By changing the mouthpiece or hose, any hookah can be quickly restored. Inserts are available in a variety of designs and colors. The mouthpieces of the Grip series are 390 mm long and have a diameter of 18 mm - they are made of the finest aluminum and are available in matte black, matte anthracite, matte green, matte gold, matte red and matte Select Blue. Color-matched hose connectors are also included. The mouthpieces of the "Slim Liner" series are particularly slim, with a length of 380 mm and a diameter of 12 mm. They are available in anthracite, matte black, matte blue and matte green. The "Liner XL" series consists of nozzles with a diameter of 15 mm and a length of 380 mm. Available in matte black, matte anthracite, matte green, matte gold and matte blue. Includes matching hose connectors.

AO Hookah Professional Hose Sets

AO hookah mouthpieces are available in various designs and complete with matching hoses. Especially popular, for example, is the "AO Carbon Mouthpiece Set" in bronze or matte gold. If you want to set an optical accent, choose a hose set with glass tip and a blue, pink, red, green or silver hose from the series Coloured Round or Coloured Flat. Tube sets are also available in the "Alu Slim Liner", "Grip" and "Liner XL" series. In addition to the mouthpiece, the scope of delivery also includes a corresponding hose. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed hookah enjoyment.

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May 25, 2023 06:44

Hmd Alternative

Super Alternative zum Kaloud. Gerade optisch spricht der Hmd mich mehr an! Klare Kaufempfehlung!

May 24, 2023 18:21

Guter HMD

Der AO HMD ist recht groß von seinem Kohledepot, also es passen locker 4x 26er Kohlen hinein. Aber ich persönlich finde das der Kaloud oder Onmo besser Performen.