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Dampfbock - Leather hose set - Green


Delivery Time 1-3 working days

The Dampfbock Leather Fabric Hose Set from Dampfbock, which you can buy at a reasonable price in the Hookain Online Shop, stands for highest quality and an unmatched smoking experience. This exclusive set with beautiful leather details in green embodies the symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

Unmatched Flavor-Intensive Sessions

If you are looking for a unique and high-quality hose for your shisha that takes your sessions to a whole new level of flavor, you will quickly find what you are looking for in the Hookain Online Shop. The Dampfbock Leather Fabric Hose Set "green" is specially designed for connoisseurs and enthusiasts who value an authentic and intense smoking experience. Dampfbock recommends using this hose exclusively for a specific taste to achieve an optimal smoke and flavor experience. The hose should be hung up after each use to ensure a long lifespan and to avoid unwanted moisture spots.

What are the benefits of real leather hoses?

The Dampfbock Leather Fabric Hose Set in green is handcrafted in a renowned water pipe manufactory in Turkey. The mouthpiece is made of high-quality chestnut wood, which is known for its special weather resistance. The hose itself is made of genuine goat leather, which makes it particularly breathable and absorbs the aroma of the tobacco excellently. With each use, the aroma becomes more intense, providing an ever better taste experience. Compared to artificial leather, genuine leather offers better breathability and absorbs the aroma of the tobacco better, making smoking with this hose a unique experience.

What are the dimensions of the Dampfbock Leather Fabric Hose Set?

The total length of the hose is approx. 190 cm, with the grip length approx. 50 cm and the end piece approx. 25 cm. These dimensions ensure a comfortable handling and a pleasant smoking experience.

Discover more in the Hookain Online Shop

In the Hookain Online Shop, you will find not only the Dampfbock Leather Fabric Hose Set in various colors, but also a broad range of shisha accessories. From hoses to mouthpieces to complete sets - there is something for everyone. Make your shisha experience an unforgettable moment with the high-quality products from Hookain and the selected range of other top-class manufacturers in the Hookain Online Shop.


The brand Dampfbock stands for exquisite quality and a maximum level of smoking pleasure. With a clear focus on selected and high-quality raw materials, Dampfbock offers products that will delight every shisha lover. The high-quality products from Dampfbock are the key to relaxed smoking sessions. Dampfbock continuously expands its product range to provide its customers with a broad selection and enrich the shisha market with innovative items. The best quality - for the most exquisite smoking pleasure.

Why Dampfbock Products?

Dampfbock is known for its natural charcoal, which is distinguished by its high quality and longevity. The Dampfbock natural charcoal is made from coconut shells and available in various sizes, such as the 26mm coconut charcoal, which is offered in both 1KG and 2KG packaging. The natural charcoal from Dampfbock is a must for all those who take their smoking pleasure seriously and are not willing to make compromises on quality.

Where Can I Buy Dampfbock Products?

The exquisite products from Dampfbock are an excellent choice for all those looking to enhance their shisha experiences. You can discover Dampfbock products in the Hookain online shop, which offers a variety of shisha accessories and supplies. Here, you will find not only the highly rated Dampfbock natural charcoal, but also a multitude of other products that will take your shisha sessions to a new level. Don't miss the chance to discover the high-quality products from Dampfbock and give your smoking experience that certain something.

Enhance Your Shisha Experience with Dampfbock

The attention to detail and the passion for quality are what set Dampfbock apart from other brands. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the best possible smoking experience. Whether you need natural charcoal or other shisha accessories, Dampfbock offers a wide range of products that meet your smoking pleasure. In the Hookain online shop, you can discover the variety of Dampfbock and order the products that take your shisha sessions to the next level. Take the opportunity and experience the difference that Dampfbock products can make.

Color: Beige, Black, Bronze, Green
Hose Connector: 18/8 Grinded Adapter, Silicone
Material: Chestnut wood, Goatskin

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