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Logo T-Shirt - Medium Fit - FYLAW - White XL


Delivery Time 1-3 working days

Logo medium fit T-shirt in white vintage jersey with FYLAW logo print on the front and Break Some Rules slogan on the back.

  • Vintage Jersey
  • medium fit
  • Round neck
  • Short sleeves
  • Fog Your Law logo print on the chest and Slogan n the back
  • Wash cold in the washing machine.


Material: 100 % cotton

Fog Your Law

What are the advantages of FOG YOUR LAW?

Our FOG YOUR LAW Solution is exempt from the 25g regulation and can therefore be offered more cheaply in the usual larger packaging. The BASE includes flavor and sugar, but no glycerin. You will receive 65 grams of our FOG YOUR LAW DRY BASE for 17.90€.

What does the FOG YOUR LAW 2 component solution taste like?

FOG YOUR LAW will appear in the usual compliant Hookain Flavors and in adapted FOG YOUR LIFE bestsellers. You add 110 ml taxed glycerin and can start IMMEDIATELY. We offer you a classic portfolio based on the original FOGYOURLIFE flavors. You will hardly notice a qualitative difference, as compliant flavors have gained enormously in quality in recent years. All fans of FOGYOURLIFE, HOOKAIN, and BLAZE will be more than satisfied.

How long does the FOG YOUR LAW DRY BASE need to steep?

Technically, you can use the product immediately after mixing, as our FOG YOUR LAW DRY BASE liquid absorbs like a sponge in seconds. If you value aesthetics and perfect head construction, we recommend a waiting time of 6 hours to achieve a balanced ratio between molasses and tobacco. However, if you are in a hurry, you can start right away.

Will there be a NATURE BASE variant of FOG YOUR LAW?

In addition to our classic Virginia line, we are already working on further variants. There will be both the classic Nature Base, and a Dark Nature Base, allowing you to experiment with various nicotine strengths. We have not yet set a release date. Tests are currently in full swing and look promising.


The FOG YOUR LIFE flavor bottles cannot be combined with the FOG YOUR LAW DRY BASE, as the FOG YOUR LIFE molasses flavor is included, and the DRY BASE also carries flavor. This would lead to over-flavoring, which we advise against. Just doesn't taste good.

Can I mix FOG YOUR LAW DRY BASE into finished hookah tobacco?

With the FOG YOUR LAW DRY BASE, you can refine or flavor ordinary shisha tobacco. Since our DRY BASE is mixed with the AROMA of the respective flavor, you can add the dry base to already mixed tobacco to change the flavor profile. Mixing must be practiced. Find out which blend tastes best to you.

Color: Blue, White
Material: Cotton
Origin: Poland
Year: 2024

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