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Hydrosmoke - Rose Shisha-Sleeve - White

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No longer available

Discover the beautiful "Rose" Sleeve by HydroSmoke in the color "White" at the Hookain online shop and give your shisha a new look! HydroSmoke is a German manufacturer in the shisha industry, known especially for its high-quality sleeves in the scene. Overall, HydroSmoke offers 3 different sleeves in various colors. The uniqueness of HydroSmoke products lies in both their exceptional quality and the versatile range that makes the sleeves compatible with many pipes. For example, the "Dragon" Sleeve is available for 8 different shisha models from various manufacturers. Explore and purchase the perfect sleeve by HydroSmoke on our Hookain online shop. You can conveniently have all HydroSmoke products delivered directly to your home!

Rose Sleeve "White"

The "Rose" Sleeve in white is a beautiful rose that allows the smoke to rise between its petals during blowoff. The abundance of details, flawless quality, and versatility make the "Rose" a must-have for shisha enthusiasts. This model is the first to feature HydroSmoke's new in-house system called MSSE (Modular Shisha Sleeve Ecosystem). The "Rose" Sleeve is available for a total of 8 different waterpipe models, which you can read about here:

  • Aladin Epox 360 
  • Moze Breeze Two
  • Moze Varity Lounge
  • Steamulation Pro X2
  • Steamulation Pro X3
  • Steamulation pro X Mini
  • Steamulation Pro X Prime

All "Rose" Sleeves are available in the following colors:
Black, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, White

What is the MSSE System?

MSSE stands for Modular Shisha Sleeve Ecosystem and aims to solve the issue of being able to use a sleeve on multiple pipes. The revolutionary system was introduced with the "Rose" Sleeve. The advantage is that you only need to purchase a sleeve once, as sleeves and adapters can be bought separately. For example, if you already bought the Rose with the MSSE Adapter Set for the Moze Breeze 2, you only need to purchase the MSSE Adapter for the Moze Varity to use the Rose on it. The MSSE System saves you money, as you don't have to buy a sleeve twice to use it on multiple pipes. In the future, new sleeves by HydroSmoke utilizing the MSSE will also be released!


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