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Alpaca - Phunnel - Rook - Ice Age

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Product number: BO-ALPC-ROOK-ICE-AGE

No longer available

The Alpaca Phunnel from the popular Rook series and with the colorway Ice Age, is one of the famous collector hookah bowls, which are available in low quantity exclusively in our shop.

The Rook is one of the 13 models by Alpaca. Like all the other models, the Rook is made of High Temperature Stone Ware Clay coated with food-safe glaze (CLR). It has a tobacco capacity of 20-30g and can be smoked with aluminum foil or a heat management device (HMD). These tobacco bowls, inspired by chess, are designed to function like a conventional phunnel bowl. They feature notches around the top to prevent the foil from sticking and to increase airflow. Due to the handmade production of the product, size and color may vary. In our range, you can discover and purchase various colorways of the Rook. The Hookain online shop offers you the opportunity to conveniently order Alpaca bowls at an affordable price and have them delivered to your home.

What makes the Alpaca Rook so special?

The Rook is meticulously handcrafted using High Temperature Stone Ware Clay, providing optimal heat management and improved air circulation. This allows you to experience a pleasant and intense smoking session where the full potential and flavor of the tobacco come to life. The lifelike glazes leave no limits to the variations in different colorways!

The specifications of the Alpaca Rook

The Alpaca Rook is not only visually appealing but also impresses with its dimensions. Here are the exact specifications:

  • Height: approximately 10.2 cm
  • Outer diameter: approximately 7.7 cm
  • Tobacco consumption: approximately 20-30g
  • Compatible with HMD & aluminum foil

Its size and tobacco consumption make the Alpaca Rook an ideal companion for long and enduring shisha sessions, whether alone or with multiple people.

What should you consider when using the Alpaca Rook?

Since all Alpaca bowls are handmade, each product is absolutely unique, and there may be slight variations in size and color gradient. This does not constitute a reason for complaint! With its features, the Alpaca Rook offers a unique and authentic experience with every use.

Note: The heads may differ in shape and color from the photo, because it is ceramic. The bleeding of the head can also not be completely prevented. As a rule of thumb, the hotter the head is fired, the less likely it is to bleed. Since ceramic expands and contracts with each heating, stretch marks can occur in the course of use, which are also no reason for complaint.


Discover the beautiful heads from Alpaca at affordable prices in the Hookain online shop and conveniently order your new favorite head to your home! Alpaca is one of the most well-known American manufacturers in the field of water pipes and accessories, and it also enjoys great popularity in Germany. Best known for their high-quality heads with unique designs, Alpaca also impresses with its own merchandise. Furthermore, Alpaca forms the ART community (Alpaca - Regal - Tangiers) with the two brands Regal Hookah and Tangiers.

Where does the brand name Alpaca come from?

In addition to a ceramic manufacturing company, the Alpaca company operates an alpaca farm and trades psychedelic mushrooms in which the alpacas play a crucial role. The animals' excrements provide the best foundation for mushroom cultivation.

What makes Alpaca heads so special?

All heads are handcrafted in California, USA, using exclusively stoneware clay. Special testing processes are used to adjust the amount of clay to ensure perfect heat distribution during each session. Alpaca takes into account the wishes and needs of the community. In Alpaca's range, you will find heads suitable for both HMD setups and foil setups. Alpaca has been producing phunnel and other heads for 10 years and has played a significant role in the development of high-temperature stoneware clay. Many innovations can be traced back to this American brand. We have great respect for their work and are excited to offer you all the models in the future.

Which models and colors are available?

Currently, Alpaca offers a total of 14 different models in a wide variety of designs and colors, with the range of different colorways being constantly renewed. Here you will find models suitable for both HMD setups and foil setups.

Glazes & Alpaca

Alpaca heads are high-temperature stoneware clay products fired at over 1250 degrees. Due to the high temperature, Alpaca works with special glazes and is known for the variety and clarity of colors. All glazes are 100% food-safe. So, you could even drink coffee from your Alpaca phunnel.

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HMD Compatibility: Standard
Material: Stone Clay, Stoneware
Model: Rook
Origin: USA
Tobacco Volume Dark Leaf: 30 g
Tobacco Volume Virginia: 20 g

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