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ALPHA - Hookah - Model X - Neon

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No longer available

The clean design, the best processing materials and the excellent smoking ability will pleasantly surprise you.
The shaft is made of anodized aluminum and has a durable powder coating. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, the Alpha Shisha will become your long-lasting companion.
The smoke column is completed with an original check valve, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. A diffuser on the bottom of the dip tube provides support, improves filtration and reduces noise when smoking.


  • Height: 450mm
  • Internal diameter: 13mm

Scope of Delivery:

  • Glass bowl
  • Smoke column
  • Seal for the glass bowl
  • charcoal plate
  • Mouthpiece
  • Silicone tube
  • Diffuser

Air pockets or scratches may occur due to the machining process and are therefore not quality characteristics.





Alpha Hookah

Alpha hookah is one of the most famous manufacturers in Russia, known for its original style and unique blow-off system. Although Alpha Hookah actually started with the production of classic hookahs, the Model X was an international breakthrough and was sold internationally. An evolution of the Model X is the slightly modified Model S with an asymmetrical and partially exposed smoke column. Available in a variety of colors, the manufacturer's most popular models combine a sleek design with an innovative blow-off exhaust system. Both the column and the mouthpiece are interchangeable, giving the buyer the option to switch. Equipped with a closed chamber system (Closed Chamber System) and a diameter of 13 mm, Model X offers a pleasant and not too open smoking. The base is made of plastic and does not affect the smoking experience in any way. On the other hand, Model S has made significant improvements in all aspects of commuting and smoking behavior.

Design and aesthetics

Design - Minimalism and the deliberate development of something that does not conform to the norm. These were the alpha paradigms upon which the S and X models were developed. Workmanship - The pipe is very durable due to the various plug connections and is not subject to wear and tear. Closed Chamber - Again, you will find the famous Closed Chamber system, which allows you to blow out the remaining smoke quickly. Smoke performance - not too much, not too little - the perfect average. Easy Maintenance - Because of the simple design, maintaining the flute is very easy and effortless.

Alpha Hookah Made in Russia

ALPHA HOOKAH is a Russian brand known for making extremely beautiful and functional hookahs. The well-known ALPHA HOOKAH X hookah is the flagship of the brand from Saint Petersburg. They offer high-quality models made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and polyacetal. The thick glass vase is secured with the included gasket. ALPHA HOOKAH X hookah has a clean and modern design and is available in various colors. The distinguishing features of the ALPHA HOOKAH X hookah are the ventilation system hidden around the base and the magnetic hose connection system. The hookah has a removable diffuser, a silicone hose and a mouthpiece that matches the color of the bar. Head not included.

Buy Alpha Hookah models cheap

Order your Alpha Hookah hookah from our online store. Alpha Hookah is a proven manufacturer that offers pipes in the high-end segment. So if you are looking for a premium hookah, you will probably really like our Alpha Hookah selection. The products are reassuringly of very high quality and you can be sure that Alpha Hookah uses only high-quality materials. This creates a unique look and feel for Alpha Hookah products. In addition, Alpha Hookah hookah has the typical smoking behavior of a Russian hookah. If you are looking for a pipe for home use, Alpha Hookah is the perfect manufacturer with its tremendous airflow and quiet Smoking.

Blow Off System: Yes
Bowl Seal: Silikon
Color: Black, Transparent, White
Hose Connector: Plug Connection
Material: Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel
Model: Model X
Molasses Catcher: No
Origin: Russia
Quantity of Hose Connectors: 1
Total Height: M (up to 50 cm)

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Matching products for your new ALPHA Hookah