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Amotion - Bowl - Dot - Phunnel - Rogue


Delivery Time 1-3 working days

Welcome to the introduction of the Amotion Dot, an impressive product from Amotion that stands out due to its excellent performance and attractive design. Its color scheme is coordinated with the Amotion models and is presented in a high-temperature-fired clay. This premium product is conveniently and affordably available in the Hookain online shop.

What makes the Amotion Dot so special?

The Amotion Dot is handmade in Spain and always shines in a matte white. This design, in combination with the silicone parts, allows for easy removal after a long session without burning your fingers. Its ease of use and high quality make it the ideal head for all hookah lovers.

The specifications of the Amotion Dot

The Amotion Dot isn't just visually appealing, it also impresses with its measurements. Here are the exact specifications:

  • Height: approx. 5.5 cm
  • Depot height: approx. 0.7 cm
  • Outer diameter: approx. 7.7 cm
  • Inner diameter: approx. 6.7 cm
  • Tobacco consumption: approx. 15-18 g

Its compact size and low tobacco consumption make the Amotion Dot an ideal companion for your hookah sessions.

What should you be aware of when using the Amotion Dot?

It's important to note that bleeding of the head cannot be completely prevented and therefore does not constitute a reason for complaint. Similarly, minor differences from the shown image due to production cannot be prevented and also do not constitute a reason for complaint. With these characteristics, the Amotion Dot provides an authentic and unique experience with each use.

Where can I buy the Amotion Dot?

You can easily and conveniently purchase the Amotion Dot in the Hookain online shop. Benefit from our affordable prices and fast delivery times to optimize your hookah enjoyment. The high quality and unique design of the Amotion Dot are just a click away.


Here you will find a selection of all the current products of the brand Amotion. The brand belongs to the German manufacturer Moze GmbH, along with the brand ONMO, which has been very successful in the international shisha market for years. Amotion currently offers 3 different water pipes in multiple colors, as well as accessories for each shisha. Amotion exclusively works with high-quality raw materials to offer flawless quality. Discover and buy the entire selection of Amotion products at the Hookain online shop and order directly and affordably to your home.

An overview of all models by Amotion

Amotion currently offers a total of 3 models. Below you can find a brief overview of each model and the available colorways. For a detailed research, we recommend checking the product descriptions of each shisha.

Amotion ROAM

The ROAM is the first product by Amotion to hit the market. It is a practical and portable travel and outdoor pipe that fits perfectly in hand luggage, for example. The combination of a soft-touch surface and a stainless steel core makes the Amotion ROAM a real eye-catcher! The stainless steel core provides a high weight of almost 1200g, ensuring perfect stability.

Available colors:

  • Stone
  • Mauve
  • Cobalt
  • Lime
  • Asher

Amotion FUTR

With the FUTR, Amotion presents a classic screw-in shisha for the first time. It is a small screw-in water pipe that embodies influences of the science fiction scene in its design. The use of high-quality materials and the clean lines found in the design create a minimalist yet impressive overall appearance. Amotion focuses on flawless craftsmanship and an innovative blow-off, ensuring an authentic experience with every session.

Available colors:

  • Stone
  • Lime
  • Mauve
  • Rouge
  • Sky

Amotion Flash Bang

With the Flash Bang, Amotion sets new standards in design and detail. The unique craftsmanship of the Flash Bang makes it a true collector's item for gaming enthusiasts and the shisha community. As the name suggests, the Flash Bang's shape resembles a flashbang grenade. So far, Amotion remains the only manufacturer that embraces such unique designs. This explains the model's great popularity!

Available colors:

  • Arctic (blue/yellow)
  • Teal (mint/purple)
  • Amber (red/yellow)
  • Orchid (blue/pink)

Color: Cream, Red, Stone, White
HMD Compatibility: Standard
Material: Silicone, Stone Clay
Model: Amotion
Tobacco Volume Dark Leaf: 22 g
Tobacco Volume Virginia: 17 g

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