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Dmnt - El Niño - Blue

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Product number: PIP-DMNT-EL NiÑO-BLAU

Delivery Time 1-3 working days

The beautiful hookah you hear about all the time! The El Nino Shishas from DMNT have an original design that leaves a lasting impression. This 36.5 cm hookah is made of high quality stainless steel. It also includes a rimless bowl made of Russian glass, which is attached to the hookah with a sealing System.

Unique design with cool motifs

The message of this hookah is clear: nothing was left to chance. Every detail has been thought of in this model. The drawn motifs are mainly reminiscent of cultural elements of the Vikings. Whether on the ring or the plate, you'll find a variety of super cool patterns that give this hookah a style you won't find anywhere else.

Colorful smoke column with 360° blow-off system

The column also has it all: the colored elements of the hookah made of synthetic resin incorporate small color effects into the material, giving it an atypical color gradient. But that's not the only detail that caught our eye in this column. If you look closely, you can count many small holes. Yes, it's a vent! When the smoke comes out, you can see it coming out horizontally at different heights and, more importantly, 360 °. A little show in itself that will catch your date's Attention!

No more clogged smoke columns!

Another surprise of this hookah is that it has a small molasses catcher! During a session, the glycerin in the shisha bowl can flow through the column and clog it, ultimately affecting the quality of your puffs. With El Nino hookah, the molasses remains in the black part above the resin column provided for this purpose. A big plus that makes this mysterious hookah even more stylish!

What else is included in the set?

This hookah has a flask with diffuser for a quieter draw. However, the small diffuser can be easily removed if desired. This is not the only accessory included with the hookah: The set also includes a soft silicone hose and a pretty mouthpiece. The 30 cm long handle consists of two removable parts, which provide a resin insert in a style matching the color of the hookah for an ergonomic and comfortable grip.
Thanks to high-quality carrying case, this small hookah can be easily taken to outdoor activities or even on vacation. So you can safely transport everything in your hookah, protected from bumps or dust. This bag has a similar pattern to the hookahs and even has space for your favorite accessories such as a cool 3D - sleeve from Hookain.

Scope of delivery:

  • bowl (glass)
  • diffuser
  • dip tube (stainless steel)
  • base - smoke column (stainless steel)
  • smoke column sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
  • molasses catcher coated (stainless steel)
  • carbon plate coated (stainless steel)
  • head adapter (stainless steel) - mouthpiece (stainless steel)
  • mouthpiece sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
  • bowl seals (silicone)
  • head seal (silicone)
  • hose (Silicone)
  • bend protection spring (stainless steel)
  • travel bag (plastic)



Proudly we can say that Hookain has brought the popular DMNT Shishas as the first online store to Germany. The brand comes from Spain and is characterized by its modern design, as well as the high-quality processing.

Practical size perfect for on the go

The products of DMNT are also very handy - whether for home or on the road, with these pretty all-rounders you are on the safe side. With this brand it is quickly clear: nothing was left to chance. The shishas are thought out to the smallest detail and have a very special style that you see nowhere else.

The most popular models in the Hookain online shop

Did you know that we were even allowed to give the El Nino by DMNT its name because we were the first importer? Therefore, in our store you can buy the El Nino cheaply and at the best price. What is especially cool about this model is that you can easily replace the sleeves and thus give free rein to your creativity. Take a look at the 3D sleeves from Hookain, with the motifs is really something for everyone.

High quality materials and attention to detail

Dmnt uses, unlike some other brands, only very high quality raw materials. The shishas are made of stainless steel and synthetic resin and are thus also extremely durable. For the value and attention to detail definitely speaks the high-quality case in the design of the shisha, which is supplied to many models specifically to it.

DMNT - high-quality shishas from Spain!


Blow Off System: Yes
Bowl Adapter: 18/8 Grinded Connector Adapter
Bowl Seal: Silikon
Color: Black, Blue, Transparent
Dive Tube: Diffusor
Hose Connector: Plug Connection
Length Base Tube: 14 cm
Locking System: Plug System
Material: Glass, Plastic, Stainless Steel
Middle Tube: 14 cm
Origin: Spain
Plate Diameter: 17 cm
Quantity of Hose Connectors: 1
Total Height: M (up to 50 cm)
Vase Height: 20 cm

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May 23, 2023 10:09

Als Geschenk geholt und dann selbst eine für mich geholt

Die Pfeife ist wirklich top. Sie kommt mit allem, was man benötigt, ist so klein, dass sie in die mitgelieferte Tasche perfekt passt und ist vom Gewicht her wirklich top. Was die Shisha ausmacht, ist meiner Meinung nach das Design und die Farbe, Kohleteller und das passende Mundstück. Ich hatte die Nino in Pink zum verschenken bestellt und nach dem die so gut angekommen ist, habe ich mir selbst eine in diesem schönen blau geholt. Durch die Löcher im Sleeve kann der Rauch aus der Säule strömen. Wirklich top und kann sie jedem empfehlen.