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Jookah - Stainless Steel - Shisha Set - Four Of A Kind - #2 - Medium

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Discover the high-quality Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah - Four of a Kind #2 MEDIUM, an impressive hookah set that stands out for its quality and appealing design. In the Hookain Online Shop, you can purchase this product at an affordable price.

What's included in the Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah set?

The comprehensive Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah set includes everything you need for an unforgettable smoking experience:

  1. Stainless steel smoke column with intricate cut decoration
  2. Stainless steel base with 4 hose adapters
  3. Stainless steel charcoal tray
  4. Stainless steel dip tube
  5. Stainless steel diffuser (detachable)
  6. High-quality glass bowl with cut
  7. Silicone hose
  8. Aluminum mouthpiece
  9. Stainless steel kink protection spring
  10. Stone bowl
  11. Screen
  12. Stainless steel chimney attachment
  13. Bowl seal
  14. Stainless steel charcoal tongs

What are the dimensions and weight of the Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah?

The Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah has a height of approximately 43cm without the bowl and about 58cm with the bowl and chimney attachment. The total weight is approximately 3.25 kg, which is due to the use of high-quality materials.

Why should you buy the Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah from the Hookain Online Shop?

The Hookain Online Shop offers not only a wide selection of hookahs and accessories but also affordable prices for top-quality products like the Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah. Additionally, you'll benefit from an excellent customer service and fast shipping, allowing you to enjoy your new hookah in no time.


The Jookah Stainless Steel Hookah - Four of a Kind #2 MEDIUM is the perfect hookah set for discerning hookah lovers. Buy it today in the Hookain Online Shop at an affordable price and enjoy an unparalleled smoking experience!


Jookah stands for high standards of hookah products.

Whether with their hookahs, hookah accessories or hookah tobacco. For everything, their motto is: Highest quality is a MUST. But it is not everything. Besides high quality, Jookah also focuses on innovation and a completely new and modern design of its hookahs. Jookah did not invent the hookah, but he sets completely new standards with his innovative ideas.

Where do Jookah's products come from?

The production of the hookahs also takes place in Germany. So the hookah world can look forward to cool hookahs and handmade tobacco heads. At Jookah you can also find mouthpieces, charcoal lighters, hoses and much more. Jookah is certainly a shisha manufacturer with vision for the future and promises a lot of excitement with new shisha products.

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Blow Off System: Yes
Bowl Adapter: 18/8 Grinded Connector Adapter
Bowl Seal: Silikon
Bowl Seal: Silikon
Color: Grey, Silver, Transparent
Dive Tube: Diffusor
Glass: Clear, Decorated
Locking System: Threaded System
Material: Glass, Stainless Steel
Model: Four of a Kind
Molasses Catcher: No
Quantity of Hose Connectors: 4
Total Height: M (up to 50 cm)
Year: 2022

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