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Ocean - Hookah - Kaif S - 2nd - Edition - Black - Turquoise

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No longer available

Ocean Hookah Kaif S 2nd Edition Black / Turquoise

Get your hands on the second generation of the Ocean Hookah Kaif at the Hookain online shop! This shisha comes with a unique blow off system that eliminates the need to convert the blow-off system during your session. You can easily change the direction of the blow off during your session by turning the coal plate all the way to the left or right. This will open the upper or lower valve and allow you to release smoke in the desired direction.


The Kaif is made of high-quality V2A stainless steel, which has been PVD-coated. Only the sleeves are made of acrylic, polished and coated with a transparent high-gloss lacquer.

Package Contents

  • Head adapter (V2A)
  • Blow-off plate with large Ocean star laser engraving (V2A)
  • Blow-off system consisting of 6 individual parts (V2A)
  • Coal plate
  • Smoke column tube (V2A)
  • Sleeve smoke column (acrylic)
  • Base engraved (V2A)
  • Hose connection including O-rings (V2A)
  • 2x Bowl seal thick / thin (silicone)
  • Dip tube (V2A)
  • Diffuser (V2A)
  • Bowl (glass)
  • Mouthpiece (V2A / acrylic)
  • Travel bag

Order the Ocean Hookah Kaif S 2nd Edition Black / Matt at the Hookain online shop at a great price! Please note that due to production, air bubbles may be present in the bowl and the color of the sleeves may differ from the product image. However, this does not constitute grounds for a complaint.

Ocean Hookah

Shisha, Chicha, Nargile or simply hookah, no matter what you call it, not all shisha is the same. Ocean has made it its business to create the perfect hookah. Smoke formation, smoke behavior and flavor development depend not only on the tobacco, but also significantly on the pipe itself.

Ocean stands for quality without compromise

Ocean Hookah was born out of passion, experience and ambition. From the choice of materials to the execution technique, we pay attention to the highest quality. All Ocean shishas are made of high quality materials such as V2A stainless steel, laboratory borosilicate glass, crystal and even hand-decorated lead crystal.

The pipe for OG's

The traditional style of the brand combined with the perfected functionality at Ocean makes their pipes a must-have for any old hand in the industry. In our online store you can choose from a nice selection at the best prices and your new pipe could be on your living room table very soon.



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