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Steamulation - Pro X - III - Crystal

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Steamulation Pro X III: The Ultimate Multi-Hose Hookah with Advanced Features

The Steamulation Pro X III is the latest generation of multi-hose hookahs with the world's most advanced purge system. With the unique Steamulation Purge-Pro valves, users can easily purge the bowl without having to remove valve balls. The valves of all four smoke connections automatically work in both directions for smoking and purging. The intelligent system can even compensate for pressure in the hookah and use the free hose connections for blow off if necessary. The Pro X III has been optimized and improved compared to the previous generation.

Features and Innovations

  • Steamulation High-Flow System: The Pro X III has been optimized for flow and provided with larger flow cross-sections. The draft has been increased by 25% compared to the previous model. At the same time, the adjustment range of the Steamulation Advanced Airflow Control is increased.
  • Advanced Diffusor: The new Advanced Diffusor is inspired by the well-known Steamulation Cooling Diffusor. A floating ball in the diffuser prevents the water column in the dip tube from rising and oscillating. This complements the pressure relief function, as flooding the hookah is impossible. On the other hand, smoking behavior is very positively influenced as the oscillation of the water column is effectively dampened. When you inhale, a pleasant draft and draw is immediately created since water doesn't have to be displaced from the dip tube. This function is exclusive to Steamulation and cannot be found in any other hookah on the market.
  • X Blow Off +: With the Steamulation Pro X III, the well-known X Blow Off is supplemented with a plate blow off. By turning the blow off plate below the coal plate, the plate blow off can be activated and deactivated. With the predecessor's well-known X Blow Off, the Steamulation Pro X III now offers 31 different blow off options. Choose your favorite! The X Blow Off + is available as an accessory and can be used in conjunction with a sleeve.
  • Cooling Control Adapter: The optional Cooling Control Adapter is new. It optionally directs some of the purge air back into the upper smoke column towards the tobacco head. This allows the tobacco head to be specifically cooled. The air volume is adjustable and can be switched off or permanently activated. The Cooling Control Adapter is simply inserted between the base and smoke column and can be combined with all X Blow Offs and Sleeves. (Note: With the cooling system installed, the purge pressure increases slightly. The pressure relief function is triggered earlier as a result. If this is not desired, the pressure relief function on the unused smoke connections can be deactivated by closing the AirFlow Control.)
  • Steamulation AirFlow Control: The Steamulation Pro X III allows its users to individually adjust the draft at each hose connection between traditional and modern as desired using the Steamulation Airflow Control. Compared to its predecessor, the maximum draft has been increased and the hose connections have been adapted to direct moisture back into the base. In addition, the connections can now be completely closed to deactivate the pressure relief function.
  • Steamulation Dip Tube Control: With the new Dip Tube Control, you can determine the length of the dip tube yourself in 10 different steps to further customize the draft and draw of your Pro X.
  • Grip Head Adapter: The Steamulation Pro X III now features a grip head adapter with grooves to ensure maximum grip on your seal. Optimization down to the smallest detail!

The Steamulation Pro X III is an impressive multi-hose hookah that has been optimized and improved in every way compared to its predecessor. With its many new features and innovations, it offers an unparalleled smoking experience that can be customized to your liking. And best of all, you can buy it at a great price in the Hookain online shop!


Nowadays, innovative hookah concepts are commonplace. This progressive trend has led to a new development that is not only modern, but timeless. Bestsellers such as Pro X III, Xpansion Mini, Pro X Prime II or Pro X Mini are now an integral part of the hookah scene. A state-of-the-art hookah based on the traditional shisha.

The Steamulation SteamClicak 360 Valve System

SteamClick 360 incorporates the most advanced technology since its invention. The click closure provides maximum stability and speed. It can be opened or closed securely in a fraction of a second. This makes SteamClick the fastest and most durable hookah closure in the world. However, SteamClick 360 is not only unmatched in terms of features and quality, but also in terms of innovation:

It incorporates an advanced closed camera system that is very different from conventional camera systems. The valve ball is integrated into the cavity, further enhancing the well-known direct clamping and excellent pull-through performance of the cavity system. In addition, the valve ball of the hose connection used can be removed to activate the venting function. Old smoke can be blown away with primary air. As the name SteamClick 360 implies, SteamClick also features a continuous 360-degree swivel function that emphasizes the core idea of hookah smoking - shared enjoyment. The hose connection can be easily rotated in both directions, which provides excellent comfort, especially when smoking in a group.

Expansion options for Steamulation hookah.

Steamulation also provides additional options to personalize the smoking experience and add the finishing touches to your hookah. Our Hookain online store offers a growing selection of online shisha accessories: mouthpieces, silicone hoses, glasses that can be used as shisha glass replacements or to expand your range, as well as useful features like bottom adapters. They fit into your shisha hose connection without additional sealing and allow you to attach additional hoses. Share your pipe with up to three friends at once for an unparalleled smoking experience. Whether on the patio during a summer sunset, at a birthday party, or just chilling with good friends at a hookah bar, the SteamClick closure with its 360° swivel function takes smoking together to a new level. Fill water into the shisha bowl, prepare your favorite shutter, place charcoal on the foil and smoke together in the evening - enjoy the experience of steaming.

High-quality stainless steel and first-class materials at Steamulation

Steamulation shishas are made of high quality stainless steel. The stainless steels used are also used in many high-performance areas, such as the automotive industry or chemical engineering, where maximum strength is essential. Excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding wear resistance, Steamulation Classic retains its beauty and luster over time!

Glasses made of crystal and the use of platinum

Steamulation bowls are handcrafted from high quality crystal glass. Crystal glass is characterized by the highest purity and is exquisitely hand-blown into unique and elegant shapes. The walls of the bowl are more than 10 mm thick and weigh several kilograms. Decorated with decorations made of one of the most expensive materials in the world: platinum. Each Steamulation Classic bowl is decorated with a platinum Steamulation logo and a surrounding platinum ring. The solid platinum logo represents a commitment to the highest quality.

The Steamulation Advanced Closed Chamber System and Perfect Airflow Technology.

Steamulation has modified traditional chamber systems and created something new: a closed chamber system with valve balls integrated into the inner chambers. The result is a perfectly homogeneous draw that makes the smoking experience with Steamation incomparable. In addition, the balls can be removed with a flick of the wrist, so that the old smoke can be removed from the bowl in one fell swoop.
The innovative chamber system is complemented by Perfect Airflow technology: with careful development, the inner diameters of all air channels are matched to each other to create perfect flow behavior.

What makes Steamulation's diffuser so special?

Steamulation has developed the next generation of air diffusers. Unlike conventional diffuser types, Steamulation's diffuser has a technical feature that prevents it from getting clogged with tobacco leaves, as is so often the case with other shishas: a unique tobacco cutting technology. The sharp edges in the diffuser cut through the tobacco, effectively preventing clogging and resulting loss of draw. In addition, the special design of the vent hole ensures a quiet and pleasant smoking atmosphere.

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