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Two Face - Eazy Coal - Outdoor - Charcoal Chimney


Delivery Time 1-3 working days

Discover the revolutionary Twoface eazycoal®? from the well-known Hookain Online Store - a sustainable, compact, and easy-to-use charcoal lighter that completely transforms your outdoor hookah sessions! With no electricity, no gas, and no hassle, the Twoface eazycoal®? lights your charcoal, making it the perfect companion for any trip, vacation, or activity where your hookah is a must-have. Available at the Hookain Online Store for an affordable price!

How does the TwofaceEazy Coal work?

Thanks to the ingenious chimney principle, the eazycoal lights your charcoal effortlessly using only the supplied grill lighters. Simply place the charcoal in the upper compartment and the fire source (grill lighter or other combustible material) in the lower compartment. In less than 7 minutes, your charcoal, whether 3 or 6 pieces, will be on fire!

Product details:

  • No gas & electricity
  • Outdoor charcoal lighter
  • Light charcoal in under 7 minutes
  • Easy transport
  • Space for at least 6 charcoal pieces
  • Small & practical
  • Height: approx. 16.5cm
  • Width: approx. 11cm
  • Length: approx. 7.5cm

Why is the Twoface Eazy Coal the best choice for outdoor hookah sessions?

The Twoface eazycoal®? offers you a brilliant alternative to traditional gas cartridge or electric lighters. It requires neither electricity nor gas but only grill lighters that are included in the package. The innovative design allows for easy transport and is perfect for outdoor use. Don't hesitate and try the brand new charcoal lighter without gas & electricity from the Hookain Online Store!

Buy now at the Hookain Online Store for an affordable price

Get your Twoface eazycoal®? now at the Hookain Online Store and experience a completely new way of lighting your hookah charcoal on the go. Purchase this amazing product at an affordable price and enhance your outdoor hookah sessions!

Two Face

Discover the world of TwoFace, a German shisha brand that offers high-quality pipes, exclusive accessories, and their own delicious tobacco. Available at affordable prices in the Hookain online store.

Why choose TwoFace?

TwoFace specializes in the production of handcrafted unique items and uses selected, high-quality materials to provide the best quality shishas and accessories. Learn what makes the brand so special:

  • Exclusive shisha accessories – TwoFace offers a wide range of accessories to elevate your smoking experience to the next level.
  • Handcrafted unique items – Each product is unique and made with attention to detail.
  • High-quality materials – Only the best materials are used to ensure durability and quality.

What products does TwoFace offer?

In the Hookain online store, you'll find a variety of TwoFace products, including:

  1. Charcoal starters – Efficient and reliable devices for quickly and evenly lighting the charcoal.
  2. Tobacco – Enjoy the unique taste and aroma of TwoFace tobacco, made from top-notch ingredients.

Visit the Hookain online store and explore the extensive range of TwoFace products available at affordable prices. Make your shisha experience unforgettable!

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Color: Grey, Silver
Material: Aluminum

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May 23, 2023 05:24

Perfekt für draußen

Mega erfindung, Kohle oben rein, drunter ein grillanzünder und lets go. Ruckzuck kohle an ohne strom oder gaskartuschen. Perfekt für den Outdoor Bereich

Lighter without Charcoal? Or fitting accessories: