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Koka Koal - 100% Pure Koka - 1kg

€ 5.90*

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Content: 1 kg
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Product number: KOHLE-KOKAKOAL-26-1

No longer available

Discover the brand new product from Hookain: KOKA KOAL, a top-notch shisha coal that provides an outstanding and long-lasting smoking experience. You can easily and affordably purchase the coal in the Hookain online shop.

Why is KOKA KOAL the perfect shisha coal?

The quality of a shisha coal is just as important as choosing the right tobacco. Hookain has carefully considered all the factors that make a perfect coal. KOKA KOAL has a diameter of 26mm and offers an above-average calorific value, thanks to the careful selection of high-quality raw materials. Another advantage is the low ash development and the white ash, which is typical for KOKA KOAL.

How was KOKA KOAL developed?

The preparation and research for KOKA KOAL took over a year. The production was monitored weekly over an extended period to ensure consistently high quality. Hookain developed a special composition and tested hundreds of samples to create the perfect product. KOKA KOAL is made from 100% coconut shells of the highest quality grade, making it a natural product.

What benefits does KOKA KOAL offer when lighting?

When lighting the coal on your coal stove, you will notice that the odor has been minimized. Gone are the days when the entire apartment smelled like fish. KOKA KOAL allows the tobacco's flavor to unfold perfectly without any unwanted coal taste.

What sets KOKA KOAL apart?

Although Hookain hasn't reinvented the wheel, the company has created a compelling product with its special recipe based on raw materials of the highest quality grade. KOKA KOAL takes your shisha enjoyment to a new level.

Key features of KOKA KOAL at a glance:

  • 26mm diameter
  • Above-average calorific value
  • White ash with low ash development
  • 100% made from coconut shells of the highest quality grade
  • Reduced odor when lighting
  • Perfect flavor development without unwanted coal taste

Experience the benefits of KOKA KOAL now and order this premium shisha coal at an affordable price in the Hookain online shop. You'll quickly notice how it enhances your smoking experience and increases your enjoyment.

Why should you choose KOKA KOAL?

KOKA KOAL stands out from conventional shisha coals and offers you an unparalleled smoking experience. The high-quality raw materials and careful production ensure a consistently high quality that you can enjoy with every use.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

By choosing KOKA KOAL made from coconut shells, you are opting for a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Compared to traditional types of coal derived from fossil fuels, KOKA KOAL is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Conclusion: KOKA KOAL – the perfect choice for your shisha

Hookain has developed KOKA KOAL, a shisha coal that takes your enjoyment to a new level. The numerous benefits, such as the high calorific value, low ash development, odor neutrality when lighting, and perfect flavor development, make KOKA KOAL the ideal choice for your shisha sessions. Order KOKA KOAL now in the Hookain online shop and enjoy an unparalleled smoking experience!

Diameter: 26 mm
Origin: Indonesia

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