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Lesscubes - Kohle - #26 - 1 kg

€ 6.90*

% € 7.50* (8% saved)
Content: 1 kg
Product number: KOHLE-LESSCUBES-26-1-KILO

Delivery Time 1-3 working days

Are you seeking an extraordinary smoking experience? Then, the 26 LESSCUBES Premium Coconut Charcoal will amaze you! Tailored perfectly to complement NameLess Tobacco, this coconut charcoal guarantees a unique taste. Revel in the maximum smoke production combined with an ash-low burning duration of up to 150 minutes. The charcoal ensures even heat distribution, so your shisha tobacco is heated perfectly, allowing it to release its full aroma. All-natural, chemical-free, and sustainably sourced!

What makes 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal so special?

The quality of this charcoal lies in its production. Made from 100% natural and renewable resources, the 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal provides a pure and untainted taste. Furthermore, it's flavor-neutral and doesn’t negatively influence the tobacco taste. With less than 3% ash production, you'll experience a clean and pleasant smoking session.

How long does the 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal last?

With an impressive burning duration of up to 150 minutes, you can relax and savor the smoking experience without the need to frequently add new charcoal.

Do I need any special accessories?

Yes, to light the 26 LESSCUBES natural charcoal, a special charcoal lighter is necessary as it requires a very high temperature to ignite.

Where can I purchase the 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal?

You can purchase this high-quality coconut charcoal at an affordable price from the Hookain Online Shop. Why look elsewhere when the best deals are right here? Save time and money by ordering your coconut charcoal directly from the Hookain Online Shop.

Benefits of 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal at a glance:

  • Maximum smoke production for an intense experience
  • Long burning duration of up to 150 minutes
  • Less than 3% ash production for clean enjoyment
  • Made from 100% natural and renewable resources
  • Flavor-neutral

How is 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal produced?

The 26 LESSCUBES Coconut Charcoal is manufactured from coconut shells. This means no trees need to be cut down, making it a sustainable resource. This is not only good for the environment but also for your conscience.


If you are in search of high-quality charcoal for your shisha that offers not just an amazing smoking experience but is also sustainable, then the 26 LESSCUBES Premium Coconut Charcoal is just what you need. Purchase it now at an affordable price from the Hookain Online Shop and immerse yourself in a whole new world of indulgence!


Innovative and creative flavor combinations can only be found at Nameless, who have become known for their novel creations. You can find these unique varieties at a great price in our Hookain online shop.

Discover new flavor worlds

Nameless is committed to exciting their fans and customers with innovative flavors that provide constantly new and varied taste experiences, making your session an exciting adventure. The brand's assortment includes classic fruit flavors alongside their experimental creations.

Highest quality flavors

Nameless uses the finest Virginia tobacco and only natural flavors when creating their tobacco blends. The brand maintains their high quality standard through regular checks of their raw materials.

Always up-to-date

In addition to developing innovative flavors, Nameless also has a great talent for recognizing trends in the shisha market early and providing their fans with the latest and most popular aroma blends, which sets them apart from their competitors.

Regional origin

Nameless was founded in Germany in 2015 and has since become a strong national brand due to their innovative power. The brand has the ability to quickly add top-current flavors to their assortment and come up with new delicious blends, which always generate a lot of enthusiasm in the industry.

Highest level of customer support

Compared to other brands, Nameless pays extreme attention to the needs of their customers and is always focused on delivering good and trendy products as quickly as possible. Their fans celebrate them especially for reacting quickly to emerging hype in the industry and participating in new flavor trends.

It's worth trying

The most popular varieties of the brand definitely include "Black Nana" and "Red Ape," which you should definitely try. The former is a fresh mix of mint and black currant, and the latter convinces with a sweet vanilla note combined with red banana. Particularly fruity and also very popular is the mixture of mango, passion fruit, and orange, "Sunny Smash."

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Diameter: 26 mm
Material: Coconut Shells
Origin: Indonesia

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